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Hello everyone!

We have finally gotten around to adding a blog section after the launch of our new website. How have you found our website so far? Do let us know what you think as we can improve our services through your feedback. I have personally never done any blog posts before so am quite excited! But first off, let me give a brief introduction on what the blog posts would entail.

At Learn Surgery Online our main aim is to provide a learning platform primarily for senior medical students and junior doctors. But of course, to get through a surgical post – no matter what specialty or level -is never entirely based on how much of the Netter’s Anatomy Atlas you can memorise! There is so much more than knowing. There is so much more than getting the correct answers. There is simply so much more.

For me surgical training is an exhilarating Holistic journey – of the mind, body, emotions and psyche. There have been good days, there have been bad days and there have been eye-opening days. But never a boring day! I am pretty sure everybody – and I mean everybody – has encountered ‘that surgeon’ whom everyone gets so intimidated by. Am I right? Did that encounter completely turned you off of surgery? It’s ok, you can admit it!

But how many of us have actually persisted because of the (unfortunately still minority group) surgeons who are so brilliant and kind that we fell in love with the specialty? This is what we should be focusing on – both the good and not-so-good. So I would like to share as much of my own experience of surgical training – past, present and future. Hopefully it can help any of you who are interested in surgery or who are already in training and would like to get the most out of it.

Therefore our blogs would centre on hints, tips and guides not just by myself but also by medical students, junior doctors and other surgeons. We want to create an online social community who shares an interest in surgery – all in a warm, healthy and safe environment.

If you find a blog post interesting and have a comment or a question then you are more than welcome to get in touch via the discussion section on this page. We ask you to be relevant and be decent on any comment or question you make. If you are not then we do reserve the right to delete your comment.

Please note that our blog posts are in fact ours and belong to the authors so please do not misuse them. You are of course more than welcome to share our posts with others at anytime.

We look forward to publishing our stories so feel free to bookmark our blog but also come and join us through our social channels.

Till next time.


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