Salasiah Othman

Hello! Welcome to LearnSurgeryOnline. I am the Founder and Project Director for the team and currently working as a Specialty Registar Trainee in General Surgery based in West Scotland. I love to sing ? and have quite a knack for cooking ?. When I’m not busy with work or managing the site, you’d probably find me out shopping ? or sitting in a cafe enjoying a cup of Mocha ☕️ and of course cake ?! Come drop me an email with any queries.

Why Did I Choose to Specialise in Surgery?

One of my most frequently-asked questions!  Although there are multitude of reasons and explanations for my career of choice, I have summed up three major points below. I hope they give insight to those who may want to consider surgery or provide inspiration to those who have their heart set on this compelling profession. 1. …

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