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At Learn Surgery Online our main aim is to serve as a comprehensive learning platform for basic surgical knowledge and skills primarily aimed at senior medical students and junior doctors. We are here to help others on their surgical journey by making the learning experience more attainable and less challenging. 

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Miss Salasiah Othman

Miss Salasiah Othman

MBChB (Edin), PG Dip Surgical Sc (Edin), MRCS (Edin)


Originally from Malaysia Miss Othman moved to Scotland in 2009 to study medicine at The University of Edinburgh. She had wanted to become a surgeon since she was 7 years old. Only while observing her Consultant Neurosurgeon operate on the brain to excise a meningioma during medical school was her aspiration truly solidified. After graduating in 2014 she worked as a Foundation Doctor in Perth and Dundee before becoming a Core Surgical Trainee in Aberdeen. She is currently working as a Surgical Trainee Registrar in West Scotland with the aim to specialise in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. 

Salasiah Othman - Founder Learn Surgery Online

Why Learn Surgery Online

Learning surgery can be daunting, frustrating and overwhelming – no matter what year of medical school or level of training one might be. I had personally struggled with the subject of anatomy and pathology throughout medical school and it became more apparent while studying for MRCS. It took me years to finally establish an effective studying method that suited my studying needs. Not only that, I also realized that there are very few reliable resources and surgical courses that wont cost a fortune!

That is how I came up with the idea of Learn Surgery Online – an online resource suited for medical students, Foundation Doctors and Core Trainees. The contents have been tailored to the syllabus of the intercollegiate Membership Examination of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons. The aim would be to break down complicated subjects into smaller comprehensible points. My team and I at Learn Surgery Online are continuously updating and adding new topics, courses and quizzes to ensure our website is as comprehensive as possible. We welcome all your feedback and suggestions. Hope you will find our website useful. Good Luck!

- Miss Sal Othman, Founder -

Our Team

Salasiah Othman - Learn Surgery Online

Miss Salasiah Othman

Founder & Editor-in-chief

Alan Carslaw - Learn Surgery Online

Alan Carslaw

managing editor & web Designer

Gordon Carslaw - Learn Surgery Online

Gordon Carslaw

Marketing Consultant

Aqua Asif - Learn Surgery Online

Aqua Asif

Head of Visual Arts

Maria Elena Alvarez - Learn Surgery Online

Maria Elena Vilar Alvarez

Student Blogger

Do you want to join us?

If you love teaching and want the opportunity to be able to publish your own material as well as work with us to further enhance the website then why not come and join our team. We would be very much welcome to hear from you. 

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